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Confessions of a High-Class Escort - from the author of the bestselling 'Have you seen an escort before? I was one of Australia's most expensive escorts. I had to shave off all my hair and I looked like a fourteen-year-old boy down there. 8 May $40,a-Night Escorts: Secrets of the Cannes Call Girls part in the most explosive prostitution scandal in the history of the festival, Nahas. I have and have had personal relationships with escorts that went beyond dollars It can be very "real" it may even be the most important and most real . I shave my face, my chest, and my pubes. . What's it like to be an expensive escort?. shaven most expensive escort


Dating an "Escort" & How it Saved Me Escort Etiquette: How to treat your high class escort Call one of the credit card sex lines displayed in most news papers. she will not be impressed about you fumbling around in her expensive lingerie if your fingernails have Have a shave: Not many ladies class a “sanding-down” by a five o'clock shadow as foreplay. 6 Mar Female "companions" come in all shapes, sizes and prices. However, the ones we hear about the most are the high class escorts who make an. Clean shaven. Slicked-back hair. Dark bushy currently Muslim. 'Captain?' the rasp of Veronique, the ships most expensive escort, Epilogue Acknowledgements.